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API announces an exclusive relationship with Trust-Builder Inc. to provide pension
shareholding information for use by Boards of Directors.

Trust-Builder Services
API and Trust-Builder provide services focused on increasing a client’s share value:

Why should a Board of Directors care about who controls their shares?  
Each Board of Directors has a duty to provide oversight on behalf of shareholders,  
Influencers and regulators of Boards globally clearly recommend that Directors gain a
succinct awareness of  key shareholder concerns, attitudes and expectations.

Why do Shareholders care about meeting the Board?
Trust cannot be regulated.  Shareholders care about the value of their investment. With
typically 80% of any issuer's stock controlled by a relatively few institutions, these
investors have a significant and measurable stake in performance. Meeting the Board
can address uncertainty and provide an opportunity to have views heard:

Trust-Builder's service is a product that many boards should find useful.   It provides an
opportunity to take an important step in advancing corporate governance.   Company
directors represent shareholder interests on the board.   It is becoming increasingly
important for shareholders to find ways of communicating directly with board members,
not through management filters, to make their views known.   The “Trust Builder” service
is a means to achieving that goal.

Robert Bertram, Director and former EVP Investments,
Ontario Teachers Pension Plan

Robert Bertram managed the investment side of the Teachers' pension
plan from 1990 until 2008.

Transparency and accessibility build trust. Trust-Builder Inc. provides
a variety of platforms to earn the trust of the key institutional
shareholders.  Communication and relationship development are the
key mechanisms.  
API provides the basic tools for shareholder identification, analysis and
communications. Our reports quantify each shareholders need for trust.

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