"Connecting Boards & Institutional Shareholders"
Services We Provide

Trust-Builder's suite of services is designed to build trust in your
leadership and investor confidence in your stock.  
By providing
graded and increased exposure to institutional investors, t
outcome is value creation through perceived reduced risk.  

Building Trust is an organic process. It requires commitment by your
Board to an ongoing program. It requires participation by your
Corporate Secretary and Investor Relations Officer.

Why build trust? Trust in the values and competence of an issuer's
leadership are at the core of any decision to invest by the active
institutional investors. It directly affects the price paid for the stock. It
affects whether an institution will sell in a crisis or trigger  a "benefit
of the doubt" buffer. Building Trust can be a defensive strategy,  worth
billions to your capitalized dollar value.

Why focus on the Board of Directors to communicate with the
With the lack of Trust exacerbated by profound
corporate governance shortcomings in recent years, globally
institutional shareholders, regulatory and advisory bodies are asking
that Boards be accountable. Open access to those deemed to have
oversight on behalf of shareholders sends a clear signal of confident
leadership, initiative and integrity. Only through this means can
strong trust building commence: an initial face to face meeting
supported by an open, transparent and consistent communications

Our primary Trust-Builder© services include:

Services chosen can vary depending on the needs of the issuer.
How much information do your Directors need on the shareholders;
and, how close do they want to get to them?

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