"Connecting Boards & Institutional Shareholders"

Building  Investor Confidence:  Is meeting regulatory requirement

There are growing demands by institutional investors, corporate
directors and various international regulatory and advisory bodies for
improvement to Board-Shareowner communications.  In response,
we offer our new
Trust-Builder© suite of services.  

Our goal is to develop an open and positive relationship between a
client issuer's Board of Directors and their key institutional investors
on whose behalf the Board provides oversight. Transparency and
accessibility build Trust.

What do institutions say about the service?  

Robert Bertram, Director and former EVP Investments,
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

“Trust-Builder's service is a product that many boards should find
useful.   It provides an opportunity to take an important step in
advancing corporate governance.   Company directors represent
shareholder interests on the board.   It is becoming increasingly
important for shareholders to find ways of communicating directly with
board members, not through management filters, to make their
views known.   The “Trust Builder” service is a means to achieving
that goal.”  

Robert Bertram managed the investment side of the Teachers'
pension plan from 1990 until 2008.

What do Directors say about the service?  

William A. Dimma, CM, O.Ont. DBA (Harvard), D. Comm. LLD.

"As the role of corporate boards has grown and strengthened in
recent years, it is increasingly important that investors and directors -
traditionally ships that pass in the night - dialogue on common

While this <dialogue> must be managed in collaboration with
management, it is an essential component of the transparency that is
critical to building credibility and trust between those who invest in
and those who govern corporations."

Mr. Dimma has served on 40 corporate boards and 50 not-for-profit
boards in a long and distinguished career.

Our mission:  rebuild Trust in  the capital markets.

Investor confidence is a function of Trust. Trust in values and Trust in
competence. Trust can be neither purchased nor regulated. Trust is
grown over time.  Trust is built through relationships. Trust is not

The market rewards Trust.  In good times it creates value
exponentially. In bad times, it defends value with a 'benefit of the
doubt" buffer. Trust can be worth billions of dollars to your

How the leadership your Board provides is perceived will directly
affect your capital structure.  Trust-Builder's services are
to manage that perception.  Use them to send a signal of
confident and competent leadership, initiative and integrity.

Trust-Builder Inc.