"Connecting Boards & Institutional Shareholders"
Trust-Builder Inc.

Trust-Builder Inc. was formed  in 2004 in response to the growing
demand for improved communications between Boards of Directors
of listed companies and the key institutional shareholders on whose
behalf they have oversight.

Recognized as a gap in regulations, various bodies in the USA, UK
and Canada have articulated the need for Boards to  learn  the
concerns of these key shareholders. Their intent is to rebuild investor
confidence through communication.  Poor performance affects all
participants negatively - hedge funds notwithstanding.

Trust-Builder's associate company  
API Asset Performance,
measures performance of some $300 billion of North American
invested pension assets. They place institutional investors with plan
assets. This relationship provides Trust-Builder with specific insight
into quantifying managers' articulated concerns.

API Director Services, Trust-Builder's sister company,  provides
proprietary information to Boards of Directors on any Canadian
issuer's Top 60 pension institutional investors' shareholdings. They
control typically some 20%- 40% of each Canadian issuer's float -
critical for corporate governance and financing concerns. In Canada,
institutional investors control some 80% of any TSX Composite
issuer's free-float.

While the drivers of a stock's performance may vary, the rise in
assets under management for each large institutional investor, and
therefore increase in absolute risk for each investment, remains the
key driver for vigilance by these institutions globally. They effectively
manage on behalf of  tens of millions of  individual shareholders.
Capital is a scarce resource and will gravitate to the lowest risk for

Trust-Builder is a group of senior professionals specializing in a
variety of  fields necessary to the purpose of rebuilding investor
confidence, trust and its outcome: value creation measured by a
lower cost of capital.  Each issuer has specific needs. The service
selection may be dependent on specific shareholder concerns. We
identify what is necessary after discussion and filtering a situation
through our Trust-Builder lense.

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